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Awesome game. As fan of "Lovecraftian horror" i brought this and devoured gameplay inch by inch. It's just awesome. Yeah it have it's stitches and itches yet in general it's awesome game. Thank You for your awesome work. 

Congrats on the full release! I completely missed the launch :(

looks absolutely fantastic but the foley design seems like it needs a little work... That is a lot of grunting and groaning and retching. 

But this is a definite must play for me.

Hi there,

do you plan to translate the game into other languages?

As a Brazilian Portuguese translator, it would be a pleasure to work on such a cool title (I loved its dark ambiance!).

Let me know if you're interested,

Best wishes!

Really love this game, looking forward to the full version. I do have one question though. Is there no way to adjust volume/audio, or am I a dumb and completely missing it? The volume range seems a bit extreme. The music is whisper quiet (but very nice), but if I turn it up loud enough to hear it, the footsteps while moving around sound like I'm stuck wearing Link's Iron Boots.

Hey RibbeeLP, thanks for your message. We just implemented in the game the audio configuration. So sorry that we didnt manage to do it for the demo, but in the final version there will be audio & video options

I figured it was just a "not in demo" thing. Good to hear, and can't wait for it to be released.

Love the look and game play for this one.  Can't wait to download and give it a go.

Hello! Please enjoy the demo. Any feedback will be more than welcome! What did you like, and what you didnt?  Thanks in advance!

Round two! So, I feel like I've got a much better feel for the combat, but I did have to rely heavily on the heal over time effects of the small medkits and it felt like I was kinda spamming them. Due to their low cost and massive healing capabilities they feel a little overpowered, but with the combat as fast as it is right now, I can't say that's a complaint.

Now, my biggest issue this time around was the sanity mechanic. If the player is going to be punished with death in a game that has a reset and randomize as its core function, there absolutely needs to be a way to track ones sanity. In a game about exploration and curiosity it is natural and vital that the player investigate all they come across and lacking the information to make informed decisions on interacting with objects that can potentially kill you makes for the cheapest death I've seen in the game so far. I'm not all for removing the mechanic, but there needs to be some way the player can keep track of that in order to know if inspecting objects is worth the risk.

Lastly, the respawns and re-randomization . This might be a case of 'this genre isn't for me" which may very well be a valid counter to my complaints, and if it's something you're intent on keeping, by all means do so. But, even understanding that this is a demo, there is little to no sense of character progression throughout the lives played, only the sense that I've gotten a bit better at not dying. Some sort of carryover to a new life, even if it's just an option in a hidden menu, would be a huge plus to me. Be that some basic stats, items or something along those lines, it would make the character feel like they were making some progress as well as the player. My other idea was to have a single map generation for a save, where you always respawn on the same generation of a map until you decide you want a new one. I don;t know the scale of the game in its entirety or even if you plan any other locations, but being able to learn and efficiently move through a map when death is punished so completely would be a huge respite from the current system.

Most of this is just me tossing ideas around and may severely conflict with what you want your game to be, but even adding these as optional tweaks in some sort of accessibility menu might increase the appeal while still leaving the hardcore stuff in for the "purist" crowd. I'd love to hear your thoughts on all this and I hope you enjoy the second episode! Despite all my criticism, I do really love this game.

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CoalFire, you are fantastic! Thanks a lot for this second run! You have indeed got much, much better at it. Like I said in a comment in Youtube,Im sooo sorry for such an unfair death by madness, we are working on that, and we are definitely working on character progression, but these are things that over a 1 level demo, it is really hard to show. So, answering to some of the questiosn:

1) There will be a insanity counter. yes, it is under progress, and in fact, sanity will be a strong element in the character progression.
2) Right now we have just quests triggered by room entrance, but there will be more types of quests and traps in future versions
3) About the character progression. There will be it, in form of keeping items between levels, and becoming the character stronger.
4) Also we plan on including the possibility of "saving" the character. (still on it)

Said that, the sensation of continuity in the final game, will be much bigger.

The demo can be a bit frustrating, I know, because it is just one level, and we are working on the balancing, but on the bright side, we have solved many of the bugs that appeared in your last run, so thank you for your help.

Oh! And also a gameplay video that I did myself. Watch the ending :) it is the small reward for playing the whole demo!

Thank you again for your support! I will send you a free key as soon as the game is on sale!



Glad you enjoyed the second video! I'm really glad to hear that there is going to be some carryover between lives, that eases a lot of concerns I had with the demo. And that you've already got a sanity meter in the works. I'm already looking forward to the full game and I'm excited to see what all is hidden in there!


Hi CoalFire! Honestly? We watched the video way before receiving your message here. Pretty impressive how quick you got it, so first of all... Thank you for the support!

The team really enjoyed every minute, most of all, because for you it was a first hands on, so for us, your commentaries were totally constructive, and helpful.

Let me try to answer you to some doubts that I saw that you had during the recording, and also give you some insight about the project itself.

You are totally right, our approach is of a Roguelike game, but we are including strong adventure elements (quick quests and events, as you faced during the video) quests with several steps, puzzles, traps, etc...

There will be plenty of items, that will mix their properties between other, will improve your skills, etc... but, as you also saw in the quest of the corpse, there is the sanity issue. In order to control how powerful the character becomes, and as part of the strategy, we have added a sanity system. The more you become aware of the Cthulhu mythos, the crazier you become, so the more powerful the item is, the more sanity you will lose if you use it.

There will be unlockable playable characters, through special quests, there will be plenty of minibosses, and of course, big encounters with the well known monsters of the mythos: Cthulhu, Dagon, etc...

We have a lot of work to do until the release (planned for Q3 of 2018) and this demo will help us to improve, among other things, the balancing of the action. You are totally right, now monsters are too fast and too agressive, and dodging, though possible, it is quite difficult, and it is needed a more aggressive approach, in order to survive.

Answering to the question of "What's the info?" it is one of the currencies in the game. There are two different shops, with specific items on each of them. One trades with money, the other, with info.

Why the 4 axis? Well, for us it was a strong reference "Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" which uses the same 4 axis way of shooting, but we are still considering adding the diagonals, so the character will shoot on 8 axis, but that's pending on confirmation. At this stage, though mouse is not available, it is possible to play with Gamepad, making it much easier, actually.

And... I think that's it. I would love to see a second part of your video, and I will be pleased to help you, in anyway I can.

We have linked your video on our Facebook page, btw...

So, thanks again for your support, and Im open to any question you may have.


Blini Games

Apologies, I didn't see this right away (original poster doesn't get a notification unless you directly reply to the comment) But I'm excited to get back into the demo! I realized there's a lot going on here and I likely wouldn't be able to figure it all out in a format where I need to keep the pace up like a let's play and editing the episode made me realize a lot of things I missed. I'll be back into it soon!

So, I went into this with no expectations at all, only having seen the title and screenshots. Really love the atmosphere and artwork, truly unsettling. But the gameplay seems just a little off to me. It almost felt like the game was punishing me for exploring and the combat was the primary reason for that. The cardinal direction firing is a little limiting, especially when dealing with enemies that are so fast, I would have preferred a cursor aim or twinstick layout a lot more. And much of the time it appears that I was taking damage with no real way to avoid it, cover and dodging were never enough to avoid the enemies that rush you. Adding in the random generation of the maps and the permadeath it combined into an experience where it was all up to chance whether or not you'd make any progress. Most of this is only from my first 30 min with the game and I'm more than willing to dive back in, but it does feel more as if the systems, rather than my own ability, are holding me back. Detailed thoughts at the end of the video.